Despite their sultry routine and years-long partnership, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir say they’re not together.

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PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA—Is it real or is it just 50 shades of tease?

We want it to be real, the ice-dance passion between Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, rather than just a passion play.

The way they look into one another’s eyes, the caresses, his hands here and here, her hands there and there; how they insinuate smoulder with their interwoven bodies, the intimacy of their touches, a kind of raw sensuality.

They’ve generated so much heat in their iconic programs but probably never so much as in Roxanne, their free dance from the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack, ripe performance art-athleticism that will bring down the curtain on their competitive career — for-real for-real this time — on Tuesday, perchance, probably, with a second Olympic gold.

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