Here it is, the Real Life Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 speed test you've all been waiting for. Why do I say "real life?" Because most Galaxy S9+ vs Note 8 speed tests you've seen don't give you a clear picture of how these devices will perform on a day to day basis. Most YouTubers do things like open 6 or 7 games, transcode video files, and a bunch of other things that you'll never actually do in real life. The Techisode TV speed test focuses on the apps that you actually use on a day to day basis. Stay tuned to see some very surprising results!

Also, for those of you who are curious, this is the US unlocked Snapdragon S9 Plus.

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Everything I did to make this a fair test:
-Both phones have been freshly factory reset.
-All the apps have been fully updated to their latest available versions.
-I rebooted the devices multiple times after the updates were installed to make sure the updates completed.
-I completely turned off bluetooth and GPS.
-I took out the SD cards to make sure they weren't doing anything in the background. This also makes sure no apps were loading from the SD card.
-Neither device had a sim card in it to prevent it from trying to access the network to download messages, voicemail, etc.
-Both devices were set to their max resolution.
-All power saving features were turned off on both devices.
-The latest firmware was installed on both device. Android 8.0.0 for the S9+ and Android 7.1.1 for the Note 8.
-Both phones were on the same Wi-Fi network.
-Developer options were turned off on both devices to show you what the animations would look like right out of the box.
-I let the devices cool off after the benchmark so there wouldn't be skewed results due to the higher than normal temperatures induced by the benchmark. 


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