Watch and learn how to update BIOS. Updating BIOS will update the programming of the most basic hardware in your computer. It's adanvantageous to know when the latest BIOS update is available so you can download and install it when necessary. 
You can use Dell SupportAssist to help with BIOS updates. Before starting the update, all Dell laptops must have their battery in place, be plugged in to a power source, and have at least 10% battery charge remaining.
LINK for the Dell SupportAssist direct download is http://content.dellsupportcenter.com/updates/aulauncher.exe or go to our website at http://dell.to/2EpwpND
If you have questions or need support, contact us through social media on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dell and Twitter at www.twitter.com/dellcares 
You can also join in a chat on our Dell Community Forum at www.dell.com/community and click on Support Forums.
To learn more about our Dell Community Forum check out https://youtu.be/DojGXi57jB8
For additional guidance with your PC's maintenance and troubleshooting visit http://dell.com/support 


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