From sexy Alaskan Senators; to the cute, handsome President of.... Canada? These are are the MOST Attractive Politicians ! 

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6. Yuri Fujikawa
Some believe she’s too beautiful to be in politics and others have called her the most beautiful politician in the world. For our next one we venture off to the land of the Rising sun in order to scope the next hot politician. She was just a councilwoman for a small city on the eastern part of the prefecture and then photos started to emerge. Photos of yuri leaving a hotel room with a married politician caused a scandal to break loose which only made her more famous. Her image went viral for all the wrong reasons. Seeing a moment to make some money, this young politician went into softcore films. Her popularity has skyrocketed and we imagine it’s not from her strategic policies. She is extremely photogenic to say the least and just about every photo of her seems to show natural beauty with her even trying.  

5. Nicole Minetti
A dental hygienist, by the name of Nicole Minetti also from italy, got herself into politics by possibly seducing the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.. Her official title became a regional counselor and some were suspicious of how she was able to catch a title like that without having any political experience. In any case though, after all the suspicion got the best of everyone, she became the spotlight for the presidential scandal in 2011.  This showgirl even got him into trouble and was accused of supplying him with women to party with. She definitely got a lot of camera time and you have to wonder how many people were actually paying attention to the trial and not on her! One thing is certain, she’s guilty of being a total babe. 

4. Orly Levy
The looks of this next israeli might make you go a little crazy! She’s been a member of the israeli air force which is known for having some of the best looking female recruits. On top of it, she’s been a television host and model. This beauty has some brains too and attained a degree from Law school. She did the modeling work before getting into politics and she might know how to use her good looks to her advantage.  Not everyone will agree with her right winged beliefs but you’ll agree that she’s got it going on. She served as the deputy speaker of knesset becoming and the chair of the committee on the rights of the child, which are positions in israel we may not be familiar with. This hot polician is unfortunately married again and has 4 children. 

3. President of Croatia
Fellows, allow me to introduce you to the president of croatia, she might not have a name that’s too easy to pronounce, but she’s certainly easy on the eyes. If I was presidents, know where I’d be handling from foreign affairs. Also known as the hot momma president she goes by the name President Grabar-kitarovic. Once this photo of her frolicing on the beach in a bikini began to start rolling around the web be were in love. Some claim that it wasn’t really her and this was someone else but many are quite certain that is. She is considered to be the head of state, commander in chief of the military, and chief representative of the republic of croatia so please, show some respect.  

2. Justin Trudeau
Don’t worry ladies we got one for you too. Justin Trudeau is the current prime minister of canada and his parents are some of the most famous French Canadian politicians of all time. He is the 2nd youngest canadian prime minister and we’re sure he won over the female voters of canada with his liberal views and good looks. Despite being from quebec, he’s not in favor of seperating the province from the rest of canada and wants the country to remain united. It looks like if prime minister isn’t his thing, he’ll probably be able to land a role in modeling 

1.Belinda Stronach
This canadian cutie is a businesswoman, philanthropist and of course a former politician. She’s joined canada’s liberal force but is looking good while doing it. A former member of the pariliand in the canadian house of commons, she was originally elected as a conservative but changed her views. Speaking both English and German, this bilingual beauty can win a spot in our hearts any day. That long blonde hair and rocking body has helped her gain popularity in photoshoots as we see here with her wearing lingerie in front of the canadian flag. She’s also the founder of the belinda stronach foundation which is a canadian charitable organization. 


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