Award-winning journalist Katie Couric learns how to organize her home with help from the Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo for Architectural Digest. 

Katie Couric—on-air anchor and author—describes herself as a "hot mess" to the Japanese organization guru Marie Kondo. In Couric's new apartment, Kondo helps her declutter Katie's walk-in closet.

Kondo, an organization consultant and author, shared some of her tricks of the trade, including the importance of purging, how to "pour love into your clothes," and knowing when to save or sack something. Marie demonstrates her method of tidying up, folding shirts, rolling clothes, and wardrobe organizing. 

Couric learns all about organizing papers, organizing clothes, organizing jewelry, and folding clothes.

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Katie Couric Learns How To Organize from Declutter Expert Marie Kondo | Architectural Digest 


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