Carrie Underwood Shares First Profile Pic After Face Injury On Instagram: Can You See A Scar?

Carrie Underwood is more beautiful than ever in the first photo of her profile since suffering a devastating facial injury that required 40 stitches. See the pic for yourself here!

After announcing that she suffered a serious fall at her home in November, Carrie Underwood warned her fans that her face might look different. Despite that concerning statement, Carrie is still simply beautiful in the photo showing the side of her face. The only indication that she even suffered the fall is a faint scar on her cheek near her nose! It’s barely visible in the black and white shot, which shows her sitting in the recording studio. See, there was no reason for her to have such terrible

Carrie’s terrifying incident in November 2017 was so serious that she not only broke her wrist, but had to have 40 stitches on her face! Carrie dealt with recovery like a champ, but declined to post clear photos of her profile during that time. Yes, this isn’t the first photo of herself we’ve seen since the harrowing accident, but it’s definitely the most exciting. In February, Carrie shared a selfie, which got fans hyped. Only problem — she had a big red “X” over most of her face. It was for a good cause; she and husband Mike Fisher were showing their support for the End It Movement.

As a source close to Carrie told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, doctors have told her that it could take up to two years for the facial scar to fully disappear, but there’s always a chance that it may never go away. While her friend insists that the scar is so minor that Carrie could just cover it with concealer, the country star is, understandably, self conscious about it. Poor Carrie! Hopefully, after seeing the overwhelmingly positive response to this gorgeous photo, she’ll start feeling better! 


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