Fortnite Battle Royale - All Rubber Duckies Locations Guide (Season 4 Challenge)

The are a total of 10 Rubber Duckies / Ducks that you need to find for the "Search Rubber Duckies" challenge in season 4 week 3. There are more than 10 Rubber Duckies around the map, but you only need 10. This video goes over the best route to collect 10 of them.

Each duck makes a quacking noise when you are near it, once you've found one simply go up and interact with it to collect the duck. Collect 10 different Rubber Duckies to complete the challenge.

Do note, you need to win/lose the game for it to count towards the challenge. You cannot just quit. 

Rubber Ducky Timeline:

[0:00] Greasy Grove - Under a water pipe
[0:24] Soccer Field - In the shower room
[0:51] Snobby Shores - In the pool
[1:15] Anarchy Aches - Under the bridge, east of the farm
[1:36] Loot Lake - On the dock by the boat
[1:59] Retail Row - In the house with the pink car outside
[2:28] Retail Row - Under the water pipe, by the water tower
[2:50] Lonely Lodge - Top end of the river
[3:24] Lonely Lodge - Bottom end of the river
[3:56] Moisty Mire - In the top most pool

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