7-ELEVEN vs. SPEEDWAY! - The Whole Menu! Fast Food Taste Test
i'm here with another fast food competition y'all but this time it's a little different! it's 7-eleven vs. speedway food! and it was so much fun lol 7 eleven has iconic fast food, but speedway is also really good. stay tuned to see who wins! let me know if you guys liked this fast food competition video! and tell me what other restaurants you want me to review! i love speedway and 7-eleven, and i think today's video showed that both of them have great food but one was a little better. some of the items i compared were pizza, nachos, burgers, taquitos, and a bunch of other things! what's your favorite 7-eleven item? thank you guys for watching my food review!


WENDY'S vs. McDONALD'S! The Whole Menu! - Fast Food Taste Test https://youtu.be/NIOgsPOYvpA

Chick-Fil-A vs. KFC! The Whole Menu! - Chicken Fast Food Taste Test https://youtu.be/cLq4ol4sZps

TRYING 7-ELEVEN HOT FOOD! - Taquitos, Spicy Wings, Pizza, & MORE Taste Test! https://youtu.be/NRRHbIK0mqM

TRYING WENDY'S WHOLE DOLLAR MENU! -  Burgers, Fries, Chicken Nuggets & MORE Fast Food Taste Test! https://youtu.be/5g8jAh8tpx4

Trying Chick-fil-A! THE WHOLE MENU! - Chicken Fast Food Taste Test https://youtu.be/94B8jYXn8I8 


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