Why Carrie Underwood Did Not Show her New Face At The Super Bowl 2018

Carrie Underwood confirmed in late 2017 that she had 40 to 50 stiches in her face after suffering a nasty fall on some steps outside her home in Tennessee. However, despite some fans accusing the star of “exaggerating” her injuries after seeing her looking flawless in a new Super Bowl video, Carrie is actually still yet to officially unveil her post-injury face to the world.

Many fans were left a little confused about Underwood’s appearance on social media after she opened NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl LII on February 4 with a pre-recorded video showcasing her song with Ludacris, “The Champion,” noting that she looked exactly the same as she did before the accident.

“I’m confused about Carrie Underwood,” one Super Bowl watcher tweeted after seeing Carrie open the show with the pre-taped video as others urged the seven-time Grammy winner to take on the 2019 halftime show next year. “Didn’t she just get like 50 stitches in her face? How does she look exactly the same?”

“Wtf, are we sure @carrieunderwood got 40-50 stitches on her face???” asked another on the social media site. “Carrie Underwood gets stitches and she looks absolutely fine. How.”

“Wondering if that was pre-recorded in early November? Otherwise Carrie Underwood greatly exaggerated the extent of her facial injuries…. Face looked the same,” another said of the star on social media, while a fourth wrote, “All the drama about your horrible disfigured face, no signs of it. Sounds like a snowflake, must be a snowflake! @carrieunderwood.” 


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