Your complete guide for the Onigashima event!

Gacha Servants- 00:28
Craft Essences- 02:07
Event Shop- 05:03
Raid Structure- 06:13
Damage Point Ladder- 09:34
Story Quests- 10:25
Raid Boss strategy- 11:30
Recomended Servants- 17:16
Shop Item Farming- 20:45
Ascension mat Farming- 23:25
Summary- 24:02

Rider Kintoki Spotlight: https://youtu.be/fskeg43H92Y
Raikou Spotlight: https://youtu.be/hzvcc2HIOsA

Stats and skill info was taken from the wiki: http://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/ It is a fantastic resource and I recommend everyone check it out!

Additional information taken from: 

Onigashima Rewards infographic comes from u/kitsuneamira: https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/8pwncw/onigashima_rewards_infographic_bonus_servants/

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