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Event 2 is the Ski Jump, 16 individual marbles will run down a track and must jump as far as possible.
MR: 120,7 cm

=== Important info: ===

Commentary: Greg Woods
Logos: Orion Biedrzycki
Music / Sound FX: Anton Weber (Mellacus)

=== Useful Links: ===

http://www.marblelympics.org (official ML site)

=== Scoreboard ===

Your comment on the scoreboard?
Please write an epic, original cheering comment about your favorite team! The most original comment will be displayed on the scoreboard in the next event just prior to the victory ceremony.

=== Search Challenge: ===

We will do a search challenge in each ML event where yo must search for a specific fan marble or count a number of certain spectators in the stands. Please hide your answer using at least 6 line breaks. The search challenge is just for fun purpose. However, we will possibly do a prize competition in the final event.

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