Here are 10 uncommon facts about the 7-Eleven. 
Can you imagine your life without 7-eleven? Here are 10 uncommon facts about the world's favorite convenience store.

Number 10 -- In 1946, the store changed hours, opening at 7 in the morning and closing at 11 P.M due to the economic uptick following World War II. That prompted the name to change from "Tote'm Store," to what we know now. (3, #1) Although the hours have since changed, the catchy name stuck.

Number 9 -- In certain parts of the world like Indonesia, the stores are a lot more upscale. They are considered trendy hangouts - think along the lines of Starbucks. Some even have live bands. How do you like that idea - checking a cool band at the local 7-eleven. Live bands and free wi-fi are a few highlights.

Number 8  -- Ok you can tell the truth - a slurpee is your favorite beverage. Well it sure has to be for millions considering 6.5 billion slurpees have been sold since the launch in 1966. 

Number 7  - Every 2 hours, on average, the company adds another store somewhere around the world.

Number 6  - Can you guess which is the busiest day of the year for 7-Eleven? Well, it may not always be the busiest, but Christmas day certainly is one of the busiest. With many other stores closed, the company has much less competition on that day.

Number 5 -- Talk about a coincidence -  Even though it wasn't the reason behind the name choice, July 11th is the official birthday of the chain. Since 2002, customers who visit on that date get a free Slurpee.

 Number 4 -- If  you lined up all the pastry items made for the 7-Eleven chain in a one-year timeframe, the treats would stretch on for 6,000 miles. Basically, that's enough for a round trip from Boston to San Diego. 

Number 3 -- Out of all the United States based retailers, even the biggest supermarkets, 7-Eleven takes the cake for selling the most cold beer and cooked hot dogs. 

Number 2 -- Wondering how the company decided to stay open all day and night? After a University of Texas football game in 1963, students kept coming to the store all night long. There was never a break, forcing employees to say open until dawn. From there the 24 hour trend was born.

Number 1 --The chain sells 1 million cups of coffee on a daily basis. Break it down, that's 10,000 pots made and served every single hour of the day. 


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