In this Screen Tests interview, "Foxcatcher" actor Mark Ruffalo, who is featured in W’s February 2015 issue, explains why "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is one of his favorite love stories of all time and how he developed a talent crush on his hardworking friend, and former roommate, Joaquin Phoenix.

 I would say Eternal Sunshine.
 I think that's really a beautiful love story.
 And it's not that I'm in it.
 It's sort of a little bit like destiny
 that they're, something draws them together
 that's beyond their understanding and thinking.
 And brings them together even after knowing
 how difficult it is to love somebody.
 Cinematic crush?
 Joaquin Phoenix I think is one of my talent crushes.
 I just love the guy and think he's so gifted.
 We lived together on a movie called Reservation Road.
 And he was a great housemate.
 So thoughtful and generous and just fun and cool.
 He had a house there and I was looking,
 he was in a little bit earlier than me,
 and I was looking for a place.
 And he said, Hey man, why don't you just,
 I have this place, has like four bedrooms.
 I'm in here with my assistant.
 Do you wanna just take the upstairs?
 And I said, Sure, yeah, that sounds great.
 And then we made dinner, he doesn't like to go out
 to dinner, I would rather cook too.
 So we made dinner every night and we hung out
 and we talked, we talked a lot about the movie.
 And no one works harder than him.
 He works so hard.
 I work hard, but he works harder, and it never stops.
 And I just love that guy.

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Mark Ruffalo on His Joaquin Phoenix Crush and Love for Eternal Sunshine | Screen Tests | W Magazine 


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