Headline news stories covered in this video: White House Press Secretary, Sara Sanders Huckabee, said that an ESPN anchor’s comment about President Trump is grounds for her network to fire her. Ted Cruz claims his Twitter was accidentally used by someone other than him. Federal agencies were ordered on Tuesday to develop plans to remove antivirus software made by  Russian technology company Kapersky. The plot thickens in the Equifax debacle. A federal judge on Wednesday revoked the $5 million bail of Martin Shkreli. Bernie Sanders is proposing a single payer health care system backed by 16 democratic senators while a group of republican senators are trying to take another stab at deconstructing the Affordable Card Act. In Missouri a 17 year old female was allegedly kicked out of class by her female teacher for violating the dress code by wearing an outfit the teacher claimed was inappropriate for the student because the student was too busty. Apple introduced 3 new iphones that will soon be available. Facebook issued formal rules regarding content it will not allow users to monetize. Game of thrones is going to film several endings to keep the real ending a secret. Jon Jones also failed the sample B drug testing by USADA. Zach Randolph supposedly reached a plea deal in his most recent legal problem. UK Researchers found that Women are more than twice as likely as men to lack interest in sex when living with a partner. scientists from Germany and France found that the ink from tattoos can leave particles in your lymph nodes. 


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